The French Notaries' Congress Association
A unique notarial body to benefit the general interest



A unique notarial body to benefit the general interest

The French Notaries' Congress is an institution of more than 120 years having a unique purpose, i.e. to produce an annual reflection of general interest originating from the notarial practice, in daily contact with citizens.

This long investigative work is led by a team of notaries supervised by the French Notaries' Congress Association, guided by a President and a Rapporteur-General, both notaries, and supported by a Law Professor recognised in his field.

Broken down into several groups called: “commissions”, these notaries work on the selected subject on a pro bono basis, in parallel to their intense professional activity.

Each year, the concrete result of this research work is delivered to society in various forms

  • A substantial report of approximately 1,000 pages, is broadly distributed. It compiles a review of the applicable law on the chosen topic, tested against the reality of the professional practice. This report is considered as a wealth of legal information on societal topics.
  • A series of proposals are voted by the notaries of France regarding law and professional practice improvements which are then relayed to the public authorities. Source of information to improve the rules where they prove insufficient or inadequate, and proposal of educational tools for notaries.
  • An annual democratic and political key moment for 4,000 professionals.
    This professional event organised every year in a different city, is therefore a link between notaries and the public authorities. It is a place to take the political pulse in terms of justice and legal access through the intervention of political and economic key speakers and the involvement of 140 economic and association-related stakeholders and partners.
    The French Notaries' Congress venue welcomes over sixty French associations and charitable foundations of general interest.


2018 Tomorrow the territory

2017 #family #solidarity #digital, the notary at the centre of the transformation of society

2016 Owning property, between liberty and constraints

2015 Legal certainty, an authentic challenge

Excerpts from a few proposals of the Notaries’ Congress that made the law evolve

The proposals adopted by the Notaries’ Congress regularly inspire French and European legislative and regulatory texts:

The environmental responsibility of Groups of companies

Sustainable development, a challenge for the law, 2008

Protection of persons of age

Vulnerable persons, 2006

European Enforcement Order

Families without borders in Europe: myth or reality?, 2005

Transposition into national law of a European Directive of 27 June 1985 on the assessment of the effects of certain projects on the environment.

Protection of the environment: from the constraint to the contract, 1994

Estate: lack of tax declaration of donations after a certain period of time;
Reduction of the transfer rights on donations

Reassessment of the life interest scale; Removal of the stamp duty and reduction of the registration fees

Private Estates and tax strategy, 1991


2 teams of 15 volunteer notaries

Working in parallel on 2 themes of general interest

1 report published every year

Between 15 and 20 proposals

Relayed to the public authorities every year

4,000 participants and exhibitors

35 foreign delegations

140 partner exhibitors

Of which some sixty associations and charitable foundations of general interest

Since 1953, the proposals from the Congress have contributed to the implementation of:

87 laws

17 decrees

8 ordinances

2 Various Provisions of the Financial and Economic Order

1 regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council

1 administrative instruction


The French Notaries' Congress Association would like to thank